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New York Philharmonic An American Celebration: Vols. 1 & 2 Original Recording

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An American Celebration, Volume 1

Disc 1

Copland: Fanfare for the Common Man, Masur, 1997

Chadwick: Melpomene Overture, Bernstein, 1958

MacDowell: “Indian” Suite (three movements), Bernstein, 1958

Griffes: The White Peacock, Hanson, 1946

Schelling: A Victory Ball, Rodzinski, 1945

Ives: Three Places in New England, Masur, 1994

Disc 2

Copland: Music for the Theatre, Leinsdore, 1985

Varèse: Intégrales, Bernstein, 1966

Loeffler: Memories of my Childhood, Barbirolli, 1936

Bloch: Concerto Grosso No. 1 (Hendl), Munch, 1948

Gershwin: An American in Paris, Rodzinski, 1944

Disc 3:

Hanson: Symphony No. 2(“Romantic”), Hanson, 1946

Thomson: Four Suites in Three Acts, Acts III & IV, Bernstein, 1960

Copland: El Salón Mexico, Cantelli, 1955

Ruggles: Sun-treader, Masur, 1994

Copland: Praire Journal, Mehta, 1985

Disc 4

Harris: Third Symphony, Bernstein, 1957

Barber: Essay No. 1, Szell, 1950

Hermann: The Devil and Daniel Webster Suite, Stokowski, 1949

Copland: Lincoln Portrait (Warfield), Bernstein, 1976

Disc 5

Copland: Appalachian Spring Suite, Rodzinski, 1945

Creston: Symphony No. 2, Monteux, 1956

Cowell: Hymn and Fuguing Tune No. 2, Paray, 1956

Schuman: Symphony No. 6, Bernstein, 1958


An American Celebration, Volume 2

Disc 1

Ellington-Marsalis: A Tone Parallel to Harlem (Lincoln center Jazz Orchestra/Marsalis), Masur, 1999

Bernstein: Serenade for Violin (Dicterow), Slatkin, 1990

Schuller: Dramatic Overture, Mitropoulos, 1957

Mennin: Concertato (Moby Dick), Bernstein, 1963

Copland: Orchestral Variations, Bernstein, 1958

Disc 2

Bernstein: Candide Overture, Without Conductor, 1992

Gould: Dance Variations (Whittemore & Lowe), Mitropoulos, 1953

Barber: Medea’s Meditation and Dance of Vengeance, Mitropoulos, 1956

Diamond: The World of Paul Klee, Lipkin, 1960

Rorem: Symphony No 3, Bernstein, 1959

Disc 3: Foss: Introductions and Good-Byes (Reardon), Bernstein, 1960

Copland: Nonet for Strings, Steinberg, 1964

Carter: Concerto for Orchestra, Boulez, 1975

Crumb: Star-Child (Gubrud), Boulez, 1977

Disc 4:

Hovhaness: To Vishnu, Kostekanetz, 1967

Druckman: Lamia (DeGaetani), Bouelz, 1975

Tower: Sequoia, Mehta, 1982

Reich: Tehillim, Mehta, 1982

Disc 5

Adams: Short Ride in a Fast Machine, Masur, 1991

Rouse: Trombone Concerto (Alessi), Slatkin, 1992

Zwilich: Symphony No. 3, Ling, 1993

Bolcom: Clarinet Concerto (Drucker), Slatkin, 1992

Encore: Sousa: The Stars and Stripes Forever, Toscanini, 1944

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