Kurt Masur at the New York Philharmonic, Volume 4

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Symphony No. 9 (U.S. Premiere)

I. Die Flucht (“Escape”)

II. Bei den Toten (“Among the Dead”)

III. Bericht der Verfolger (“The Persecutor’s Report”)

IV. Die Platane (“The Plane-Tree”)

V. Der Sturx (“The Fall”)

VI. Die Nacht im Dom (“Nighttime in the Cathedral”)

VII. Die Rettung (“The Rescue”)

Berlin Radio Choir

Robin Gritton, Principal Conductor

Gerd Müller, Guest Conductor

Vocal Solists from the Berlin Radio Choir



And Farewell Goes Out Sighing…(World Premiere: New Yok Philharmonic Commission)

Gidon Kremer, Violin

Derek Lee Ragin, Countertenor


Total Playing Time: 77:58

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